Author Qaisra Shahraz visits St. Dominikus

Monday, 28th January, 3 PM. Year 11 and 12 were taking their seats waiting for Qaisra Sharaz to enter the auditorium.

The British author wrote the short story “A Pair of Jeans” that is part of the Abitur 2013/14. The story centres around Miriam, a college student, who feels torn between two worlds – her Western home and her Pakistani origin. She acts out one of her two personas depending on the situation. In order to impress her future parents-in-law Miriam plays the perfect Pakistani bride but gets caught wearing her Western clothes which leads to them cancelling the wedding. Devastated, she has to cope with her real identity and find a solution to her problem.

Qaisra Shahraz started by talking about her career, her experiences in Germany and why she was even able to visit us.

We then continued by summarizing the story and Mrs Shahraz read some extracts. We found it really interesting to learn how much the atmosphere can change when the author herself reads it out loud giving her own emotions into it.

Afterwards we were able to ask questions about the short story, her job as a writer but also her personal life. All of these questions were answered, e.g. her opinion towards arranged marriage, a possible solution to the open ending of the story and her own background as an immigrant.

Mrs Shahraz also talked about her other works and left two of her very successful books for us. The novels can be lent from school. 

To conclude, Qaisra Shahraz was really nice, open and honest with us. It was a great experience and possibility for us. That is why I am sure we will keep the meeting in good memory. 

Sarah A., Jgst.I