"Time Travel Now"

Our class 7a read and listened to the audio book "A present to remember."

The five friends Olivia, Holly, Luke, Jay and Gwen - we know them from our English textbook - decide to go to Greenwich Market to buy a birthday present for their friend Dave. In a narrow street near the market, they find a mysterious shop called Mr Marlow's Emporium that's filled with lots of old and interesting things:

  • Gwen puts a Celtic ring on her finger and suddenly finds herself in a Celtic village.  
  • Luke rolls a dice and then he is in Roman Britain, near Hadrian´s Wall.  
  • Holly tries on a beautiful dark green dress and suddenly finds herself at a house in Norman times.  
  • Olivia tries on an Elizabethan mask and suddenly finds herself in Tudor times, on the stage of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre!
  • Jay looks at a poster of an old steam train. When he picks up an old train ticket, he suddenly finds himself in Victorian times, inside the train from the poster!

Our class split into online groups and worked on the different chapters. We created a little web page that lives inside Moodle. Part of it was also the following exercise:

"Now it is the year 2050 and time travel is now possible!  You work for a new company called ‘Time Travel Now’.

Create a poster that will make people want to travel to your favourite British time period."

Flip through all the posters in the Moodle Lightbox Gallery and book an awesome new adventure! :-)