What are you thankful for?

Every year Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. Reportedly, this tradition goes back to 1621 when European settlers, known as the Pilgrims, and Native Americans shared a harvest feast; they thanked God for their blessings.

This year this national holiday occurs on November 25th. Traditionally, family and friends gather around their tables to enjoy a big dinner. They usually have a big stuffed turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie with ice cream. They might share what they're thankful for and pray together, too. Thanksgiving is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas season.

Would you like to know what our 8th graders are thankful for? Have a look at the pictures below. As we have so many reasons to be grateful for, our school loves to give back and supports organizations that help kids in need: On Thursday, November 25th our school will host its annual bazaar, the "Adventsbasar." We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Klasse 8a, D. Gerner