"Go! Art Moves" - an exhibition at Junge Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

What do you associate with movement? Body movement, nature movement, emotional movement, mental movement. After studying the various interpretations of this topic in the gallery the Y1 English students moved their own bodies, hands and minds while experimenting with different materials at the workspace of the museum.

Here are some of their impressions:

  • Exploring the Junge Kunsthalle's exhibition on Movement was a dynamic journey through various artistic expressions. From kinetic sculptures to interactive installations, each piece invited me to contemplate the fluidity and energy inherent in motion. It was an engaging and thought-provoking experience that challenged my perceptions and left me captivated by the power of movement in art.
    The art piece I found most captivating was this installation consisting of four fans spinning at different speeds. It was such a simple idea, but the way the fans moved together yet independently was really mesmerizing. It made me think about how time passes differently for everyone, yet we're all part of the same flow. It was like watching a dance of time and motion right before my eyes. (Soumaia)

  • Our guide explained that the piece by Sarah Kungls intends to be seen differently by everyone. Originally it hung in the botanical gardens where, just like me, people associated it with a butterfly cocoon. I like that the fabric of the sculpture is transparent and the colours of the background shimmer through. When it hangs outside on a tree the wind plays with it and moves it like a wind chime. It blends into nature and becomes a part of it. (Elisa)

  • Actually, I dislike abstract art quite a bit. Before modern art became a thing artists needed to have a lot of skills and talent to be successful but nowadays you can just pull something out of a trash can and call it art – if you’re lucky people will even pay you for this piece of trash.
    It must be frustrating if you devote yourself to art and spend a long time to acquire all that skill it takes to draw so realistically that the viewers become engulfed in the depicted moment, but in the end another painting looking like it was created by a toddler gets just as much attention and praise. Don't get me wrong, everyone should be allowed to express themselves in art in whatever fashion they please no matter their skill-level but being a professional artist and getting money for your art should be dependent on your skill at producing said art. (Anna)

  • My favourite art project was the one where the visitors can create art by themselves. When you move your arms or legs in front of the little camera you can see matching light effects on the opposite wall. In my opinion that illustration is magical and matches the topic “movement” perfectly as the art moves with you. (Alexa)

  • My personal highlight was the creative part since I really liked painting with the chalk. (Alisa)

  • I really enjoyed our trip and will definitely explore some more art exhibitions in the future. (Leonie)